Aloha, and welcome to Camping Benefit. My name is Tom and I’m from Hawaii. I’m an individual whose loved camping since childhood.

The purpose of Camping Benefit is to bring compatible people who are pleased about camping, RVs, and the outdoor get togethers. This website gives recommendations and tips from prior camping experiences. When we have gatherings at campgrounds / state parks, it can be a great memory to have!

The Main reason I picked camping is because I’ve had a great experience dating back to childhood doing it. It’s a great way to meet people and learn things in life after the unknowns! There’s nothing wrong with meeting new people in family get-together locations.

I’ll give you a lot of tips on what to do and not to do when having these gathering(s).

If you want to see pictures and an example of a campground I was at as a child, click either White Cypress Lakes Campground or Paul B Johnson State Park.

Thanks for choosing us and deciding to come into our community! Whatever you need, you’ll find here!