How To Put Pictures On Camper Walls?

How To Put Pictures On Camper Walls

When we all go camping, we want to make our selves feel at home. No matter where you go or how long you stay there, putting pictures up around you doesn’t hurt anything. In the meantime, you’ll be wondering how to put pictures up without puncturing all of the camper wall(s).

You’re antsy to get pictures up and I’ll explain how to do it without making any damage.

There’s multiple ways to hang pictures on RV walls.

The one way you want to do it is by looking into “short-term” methods, meaning you never ever want to use any screws, nails or nuts & bolts.

There’s a few options you have and they are self-adhesive wall hooks, Magnets, sticky tack, putty and velcro.

Obviously, these ways help you big time because you don’t have to do any permanent damage to the RV that can very easily come back and bite you later down the road.

Trust me, I know because I learned from it!

Now the way you do it varies mainly on the weight of it and if you want this to be a long-lasting thing.

One thing I suggest you be cautious about is using the real big glass pictures because of the things that can occur, its just not good! Yes, it’s possible to do it but I just don’t suggest it

Walls: Don’t use Nails / Screws / Bolts

One thing we all have to know about the walls in RVs is that they are made in a wy to get as many benefits as possible. These include things like better gas mileage which comes from making the trailer lighter.

Like almost every time they do it by making the outer walls very strong but the inner walls are thin and very weak / fragile. The inside is usually made of weak wood or plastic.

It doesn’t matter which one of these you use, because it’s going to damage through to the other side.

You must keep in mind that if you are determined to put something to an inside wall like this, chances are very high that you will hit a wire somewhere.

The damage that will do to your RV can be through the roof to fix! Remember, that’s if you’re lucky and don’t hit any water equipment!

If you are thinking about doing this to the campers outside wall, than you’re messing with a metal wall. That means you’re looking at high possibility of water damage and rust that’s going to be on the way and its inevitable!

Just my opinion, I suggest you don’t take this route because it’s not going to work!

You need to also remember, that if you rent a trailer / camper, the prices vary depending the time of year. Especially if you’re close to a holiday.

Self-Adhesive Wall Hooks

These are great because they’re drill-free methods to hang pictures on camper walls. The only thing is you want to be careful and know the weight of what you’re intending to hold there.

Because you put the hooks on a strip to keep them up and they are vulnerable if the object they’re holding is to heavy, they can come off the wall.


these magnets are a good way to keep pictures on a refrigerator wall

This is very self explanatory. When you want to hold something up for a short time span / trip than this is the easy way to go.

There’s different size magnets for different purposes. they all have one big thing in common though, after you use them and take them off the wall, you’ll never know they were there.

Sticky Tact

This is a reusable thing mainly used for things like putting decorations on walls etc.

A great benefit to this is that its easy put on and easy to remove. One thing though to be aware of, it’s not a good idea to use this on something like wallpaper because it can leave faint marks on paper.

Remember this is a great thing to use for something for a short period of time.

To use Sticky Tact, take off the amount necessary and start working it in your fingers. Unless it’s warm, it won’t have a strong connection on the wall.

After it’s warm, you want to put it on the back of the object you want to hold up there. You have to wait about 10 seconds when holding it on the object.

Afterwards, you hold the picture on the camper wall in place for about 10 seconds then viola, its done!

I truly like these the best because you don’t have to take them down. They can stay in place for one trip to the next.

When, not if you want to change the place the picture goes, it’s easy as cake. The big thing about it, you don’t have to worry about it leaving a mark when you move it!


Its a task that’s reusable for keeping things still when the trailer is moving. It basically stops things from falling or tipping.

One big advantage to using it is that it never drys allowing it to be repeatedly used multiple times.


two stripes of Velcro to hold things together.

Whether you live in a renter, homeowner or student apartment, velcro is a great option for hanging pictures.

Everyone I ask about them confirms that they’re strong enough for multiple size pictures on camper walls. They go great with different surfaces of the wall including painted, dry, wood or even plastic.

Because they go great with all types of walls, is why they’re a great option to use for camping. The best thing I heard about them is also the fact that they’re cheap.

Different Choices

You have other options but they’re not as good. You can use things like:


When I think of clothespins I think of long wires/strings outside under a tree. Yes its very convenient but also doesn’t look good.

In my opinion it’s actually more expensive and less convenient if you use these. With all the people I spoke to about camping, no one ever came up to me and told me how they loved using clothespins in their trailer and look forward to doing it again!!

So, it’s an option but not one I recommend.


Yes its obvious but only if you have a few things to use and a thumbtack is all you need.

The best thing about it is that they’re under $15 and can be put anywhere. The only big advantage I see in them is that you can just add pictures to it as you go. You don’t have to take a picture down before putting another picture on top.


So as you can see, there’s multiple ways to put or hang pictures on your RV walls.

It;s not expensive at all. Depending how long you’re staying in a given location decides which tactic you want to use. For example, if you’re staying someplace for maybe a weekend, you’ll probably use like clothespins.

If you stay someplace for weeks at a time, you’ll probably use something like Velcro so it looks clean longer. Just remember, there’s multiple options when it comes to putting pictures or decorations on your RV / camper walls!

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