The Best Tear Down Trailers When Camping

The Best Tear Down Trailers When Camping

What does a tear down trailer and tents have in common? None of them have their own bathroom. Obviously you either have to use a public restroom at the campsite or use the forest around you. If you have a easy way to go camping, you’ll love to have your own restroom correct.

These are also perfect if you want to camp some place out in the wild and away from people. We’ve all had that sense of camping close to loud people. Tear down trailers make it easy to avoid those people all together.

Which teardrop trailers have restrooms?

  • Scamp Trailer
  • Happier Trailer
  • Icamp elite
  • KZ Spree Escape Mini
  • Timberline by homegrown

If you’re still reading this, than you must be one of those people who hate using public restrooms. I’ll give you some insight into the difference of these and which one is better fit for you.

Keep in mind that Micro-campers and tear down trailers go hand in hand in a way.

Scamp Tear Down Trailer

a scamp tear down trailer being towed by a car

Keep in mind that the Scamp trailers offer sitting dining areas and bathrooms. When it comes to the 13′ floor plan,you can either have a diner area in the front or back and the bathroom in the opposite.

The thing to keep in mind is that the 13′ standard Scamp trailer has two different floorplans. One of them has a toilet option and the other doesn’t.

The Scamp 13′ Deluxe tear down trailers have a restroom that does have a shower that includes a sink beneficial when camping. In the Deluxe, you can add a toilet or pick to have a toilet only.

Of course they have a closed area for privacy in the front of the trailer.

They also have a bigger 16′ floor plan option.

They have the option for restroom or package area. In the 16′ deluxe option, there is space to put a bathroom in both options available.

The next size is the 19′ option. The big advantage to this is that you can pick to have either a bathroom or bedroom in the standard option. The deluxe option though has both of them.

Don’t forget, wherever you take your tear down camper, you’ll need a satellite connection.


The main change in the cost is the size trailer you pick. They usually go between $8,500 and $24,000, depending on model, size, make and features.

Happier Tear Down Trailer

a tear down camper in a grassy field

The toilet here in these tear down trailers is an addon technically to benefit camping big time!. the down side of it is that it doesn’t come wirh a closed bathroom.

They have a option to have a toilet that doesn’t use any water for flushing. It has a compact thing that somehow keeps everything together in a bag. THe funny thing is that it somehow keeps it stay smelling clean.

So how does it accomplish this feat?

Well, it has liner bags that’s kept inside of the toilet. They close after you’re done and flushes it automatically. On this one the bag closes and twist tightly.

The bonus thing is that you never have to worry about clogging the toilet. As a bonus of that, you can use whatever toilet paper you want. Trust me, its a big burden off of your shoulder when you don’t have to worry about what if it gets clogged!

Advantages of the Happier Camper:

  • Retro modern style
  • Its 100% bonded fiberglass construction
  • Has 7 different colors
  • Has nice storage space
  • Fits in a lot of places for use.
  • Its 20 x 20


It starts at roughly $25,000.

Icamp Tear Down Elite

This thing has a few advantages. Besides looking fantastic and not weighing a whole lot at the same time, it has its own restroom.

It has everything most people will need in tear down trailers they use when camping. It has a place to sleep, cook, storage, television and yes restroom!

The advantage of this bathroom is that it has everything included in a normal bathroom. A toilet, sink, shower and even a storage cabinet. That’s something you can’t say about all of these teardrop trailers.


  • Has two different package colors: Blue and orange
  • It has two different floorplans ‘daytime and nightime use’
  • The length is 14′ and the width is 6’8″
  • The amount of water it holds is 22 gallons


Depending on the add-ons you choose, it varies. It can be very misleading just giving a set amount here. I’ve seen they vary from $11,000 – $45,000. The biggest x factor in the pricing is the amenities!

KZ Spree Escape Mini Tear-Down Trailer

a mini trailer with covered windows waiting to be used

The KZ has some same advantages as the ICamp Elite. They have a bed, kitchen and a bathroom.

A big difference is that the bathroom isn’t as big. It has a toilet, sink and a shower but not a big cabinet.

It does have all the basic things needed to enjoy camping. It also fits a big queen size bed!


Just like the other ones, it varies based on what amenities you add to it. New ones cost about $28,000.

If you’re curious, they weigh about 2,900 lbs.

Timberline Tear Down Trailer

These tear down trailers are a tad bit bigger than the other ones and offer more benefits when camping. As a result, they’re more roomy. You prefer these for long trips lasting more than say a weekend.

Amenities include:

  • toilet and shower
  • comes with 2.5 hot water tank
  • freshwater system with over 23 gallons of water
  • 5 people can fit / sleep at a time because you get 3 bunk beds
  • kitchen
  • cooking area
  • refrigerator


It usually goes at around $58,000


So you see, when buying one of these, the first thing you look at is the size you’re after. Simply put, the bigger it is the more amenities you’ll receive and of course the higher the price goes.

Just my opinion,but if you’re a loner, I suggest you get the small scamp trailer and you’ll be more than satisfied. If you’re a family, I suggest you get the Timberline because of the size.

Whenever you buy one of these, you can’t go wrong when using it. That’s why I think the hardest part is finding the correct one for your liking.

With my experience camping, I’ve seen a lot of these. When I speak to people using them, they all say it’s a cake walk when cleaning and the same goes to packing. The ones who said they tries the bigger trailers, said they don’t miss them at all!

The biggest variable you want to think about when picking one is if you’re going on a long trip. I mean weeks or months. Because if you’re going for just a few days, these are obviously the best choice.

After you buy some tear down trailers, you’ll never regret doing it for camping purposes. Keep in mind they really keep there value after you buy them “as long as you take care of them”.

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