What Are Micro Campers?

What Are Micro Campers?

Micro campers are popular everywhere right now and many people without one ask ‘what’s the big deal?’. I’ll explain why.

Micro campers are the small campers that aren’t heavy at all. They weigh under 1,000 pounds and makes it a lot easier so even small cars can tow them. Almost all the micro campers are custom built but some are still built by shops.

I found some really cool things about these little campers. I’ll explain some of the neat things I’ve witnessed.

A big chunk of the people out there really enjoy camping but can’t stand the fact saying good night on the ground. You’ll think an easy answer is ‘just get a camper’.

The issue that comes up next though is that a lot of people don’t have the ability to tow big campers.

This problem can be resolved easily with micro campers. As I mentioned above, they can weigh under 1,000 pounds meaning it’s easy on almost any vehicle to tow them.

From most peoples perspective, micro campers and tear down campers are pretty much the same thing.

An acquaintance of mine even put a hitch on his small Dodge Caliber to tow a micro camper and it worked like a charm! Just my opinion, but that’s the number 1 best thing about Micro Campers!

Micro Campers Are a Cake Walk To Use!

a micro camper with a white background

Obviously, one of the best things about them is how simple they are to use. Even know they’re very small, you don’t really notice any changes when you go camping. You’re experience is truly the same on each trip. If anything’s different, they’re easier to use!

When it comes to benefits that much bigger trailers have, micro campers do take a hit there. Surely they don’t have things like a shower but from my experience camping, just about every campground has a bathroom with showers some where. The main thing they do have is a cot to sleep on!

Just like a house, micro campers have different layouts.

More designs and utility is available for these micro campers than you think.They can put a lot into such a small area that most people who try these ask ‘why does anyone even need such a large trailer in the first place?’

I always loved camping. Being safe and having a place to rest is all I really care for. Those bigger campers and even tents are good for that but the amount of time to pack-setup-take down are nerve racking. Micro campers usually take less then 20 minutes.

Call me absurd but I never saw anybody who said they enjoyed all the work packing before leaving. Because noone I ever met said they enjoyed that part, its also a big advantage to using a micro camper.

Who gets the biggest advantage of micro campers?

Even know these campers are easy to use, they’re not ideal for everyone.

The things you must meet to really make good use of this camper are:

individuals who go camping either alone or max 2!

If you go with more than one friend or a big family, micro-campers won’t work. The main reason is because they can sleep only two people. If you go camping with someone else who also has a micro camper, than the advantages are out the window. At that point, the question becomes why not just take one big trailer?

people who love queen size beds!

I say this because campers don’t usually have queen size ‘some do’. They normally go up to full size. If you have a queen size mattress at home and want to go on a long trip, this would be perfect for you.

The wanderer

a yellow striped micro camper waiting to be used

I say this because if you’re one of those people who doesn’t stay anywhere for long lengths and like to search out things, then this is for you.

Usually its a lot of work for these people to use big trailers because they can’t travel to far.

When you want to be somewhere for a short time and then just leave at random, its quick and easy.

I understand things happen unexpectedly but when you’re using this, all you need is roughly 20 minutes to pack up and go on your way. As we all know, that’s not something we can say about RV’s!

When it comes to building one

Its got a big advantage when you build your own. Yes its cheaper than just buying it already made but its very time consuming. Inmy eyes, if you build your own, it’ll cost a lot less money. The time and cost to make it doesn’t outweigh the few bucks you’ll save just buying one premade!

The main reason is obvious why people make their own. Its because nobody makes them exactly how they like it. Heres a few campers that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Timberleaf Pika Micro Campers

These things have a multiple of amenities including:

  • R-11 insulated ceiling
  • Maxxair cabin vent
  • seven 12V leg lights
  • Baltic Birch plywood
  • cabin cargo storage
  • 4″ foam double mattress
    One thing really interesting with these is that they weigh only about 1000 pounds!

Hiker Trailer Highway Micro Campers

The amenities in these are:

  • black frame
  • 14″ steel tires
  • 205 trailer tire
  • 2000 pounds axle
  • Two rear shelves
  • One front shelf
  • DOT approved towing lights
  • Safety chains
  • 4 pin wiring connection
  • Single curb side door
  • Manual roof vents
  • Two side windows
  • All aluminum exterior
  • Vinyl flooring

If you want to add upgrades to it you can, but the price will go up a little as well. It usually starts around 3,000 dollars.

TAXA Cricket Camp Micro Campers

a cricket camp micro camper on a white background

This is a rare one. Its because it can fit up to 4 people in it. Of course to do that you need to have the added bunks installed.

Just remember, this one’s a little expensive. Money talks and if you want it to be cheaper, you have to take a few amenities out of it. If you get it with all the bells and whistles, it’ll cost you starting at about $31,000!

You should also look into the best tear down trailers that have more to offer on benefits.


So you see folks, the micro campers come with there pros and cons.

Remember that when you’re using one of these, it’s always good to have a water filter with you.

If you want to spend a lot of time out and have it very easy, the micro camper is for you. If you’re like a lot of people and just want to go alone with nothing to worry about, then give it a try.

It never hurts trying something if its affordable and looks interesting! Its even better for the people who qualify for free entrance to campgrounds who meet an accommodation! If you do the micro campers correctly, it can save you lots of money!

Also it’s best that you know what to do if you get poison ivy when camping in a small microcamper.

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