Best Way to Rely on Campfires for Cooking?

Best Way to Rely on Campfires for Cooking?

When you’re camping, there’s usually not going to be a fast-food restaurant next door so that you can get a quick meal. Chances are there won’t even be a grocery store so that you can get the items that are needed to prepare a meal. When camping, especially dry camping, you’re going to have to depend on campfires in order to do the cooking.

You’re going to need to pack your own items to prepare meals the best way that you can, which is often over a campfire. There are a few different techniques that you can use when you’re relying on this method of cooking so that your food is well-done and safe to eat while you enjoy your camping experience.

Understanding the Process

a campfire by the beach to do some cooking

Cooking over a campfire involves making a small fire on the ground that is usually surrounded by rocks or other items that can keep the fire contained. A grill can be placed over the fire so that you have a level surface to put a pan or a pot for cooking different foods.

There’s no electricity, so you’re going to need to make sure you have matches and other items that can start your fire and that can keep your fire going so that it doesn’t go out until you’re done cooking.

Although a campfire is easy to use, you need to be able to monitor your food so that it doesn’t burn and so that it gets done completely at the same time.

Preparing Your Campfires For Cooking

Before you begin cooking over a campfire, you need to make a few preparations. You need to find an area at your campsite that doesn’t have a lot of brush around it as you don’t want to start a brush fire.

Try to let the fire burn out a bit after it’s lit before you put your food over the fire. This is similar to what you would do when you use a grill at your home.

Pay attention to the coals as you’re going to wait until they turn bright red before putting your food over the fire. This will ensure that the temperature is high enough to thoroughly cook everything from meat to vegetables.


Coals is one option for whats needed to rely on for campfires when cooking.

One of the common ways to rely on campfires for cooking is by using coals. This is an option to consider if you don’t want to cook around an open flame as the coals are lit and then left to burn until they turn red or gray.

Once they lose their black color, it’s time to cook your food. There will need to be a large number of coals to cook on to ensure that they don’t go out during the cooking process.

Make a pile of coals to light with a match or a lighter and fluid. You’re then going to put your food on top of the coals.

You can use a grate, but it’s usually not needed as long as the surface of the coals is clean. There usually isn’t a need for any pots or pans when using this method.

Make sure you have the proper tools for maneuvering the food on the coals so that you don’t touch it with your fingers.

Coals are very good if you go camping during Winter.


a mushroom over the fire being cooked

After making a fire, you can use sticks that you find in the woods to roast everything from marshmallows to hot dogs. You’re going to need to cook foods that can easily be placed on the sticks without the foods falling off into the fire.

Sticks is whats used / rely on when dry camping for campfires when cooking

Make sure you rotate the food while it’s over the fire so that each side is cooked evenly instead of burning one side and leaving the other barely cooked. This is a way to cook food that is pretty basic and that doesn’t involve a lot of extra tools, which is beneficial if you happen to leave something at home.

Foil Packs

A fun way to rely on campfires for cooking is to make foil packs. These are packs of food that are often complete meals that you put over a campfire until the food is cooked.

You can make everything from chicken and vegetables to baked potatoes. These packs can contain healthy meals or those that are fun to enjoy.

You can prepare the packs at home before you go camping so that all you need to do is put the packs over the fire. Keep the packs in a cooler with ice to keep the food in the packs fresh until you cook them.

You can prepare packs for every meal of the day if you want to have something filling and tasty instead of hot dogs and marshmallows all the time.

Modern Designs

If you have time to get the supplies, then you can have some of the comforts of home while you’re camping. There are usually camping rings that are already built at most campgrounds so that you don’t have to make your own area for starting a fire.

These rings are often made with stones or bricks to keep fires from getting outside the containment area. You’ll usually find grates as well that can be used for putting pots and pans on while cooking.

The only thing that you need is the food you’re going to cook and the utensils for moving your food around. Start the fire in the ring, letting it get hot and then burning out ever so slightly before you put your food over the fire.

A modern amenity that many campgrounds have is a large kettle that is placed over the ring. The flames from the fire will heat the pot, which contains food that you want to make.

You can also put a grate on top of the pot if you want to slow cook your food. A dutch oven is an option as well. This large pot is placed directly on top of hot coals or over an open fire.


If you have a long stick and plenty of time to wait for your food to get done, then consider using your campfire to roast your meals. You need to place sticks on each side of the fire that are secure in the ground.

After making your fire, you’re going to put your food on the roasting stick that is positioned over the fire. Add all of the seasonings on the food that you want because it can be difficult to remove the food from the stick while it’s roasting until you’re ready to eat.

There are a few mistakes that you should avoid making when you’re relying on a campfire to cook. If you’re able to avoid these issues, then you’re going to have delicious food to eat that can usually be saved for another meal if you’re able to properly store it until later.

Being Prepared

One of the most common mistakes that you could make is not being prepared before you go camping. You need to gather all of the ingredients that you’re going to need to cook with as well as the tools that you’re going to need.

Get a cooler to fill with ice and cold items and a storage container for other foods. You also need to have the items needed to light a fire or catch food in the woods if you want to rely on the land to provide the meat that you eat, such as a fishing rod to catch fish.


a fire in the grass close to being burned out

When you rely on a campfire for cooking, you’re going to need to have patience. You’re not going to have the speed of an oven, a stove, or a microwave to prepare meals or even heat a simple side dish.

It usually takes about 30 minutes for a campfire to get hot enough for you to be able to cook over it, especially if you wait until the coals or wood to die down before putting your food over the heat to cook.

All At One Time

A mistake that you want to avoid making is adding all of the wood or the coals to the fire at one time.

This tends to make it difficult for the material that you’re using to thoroughly heat as some components could remain cold on the bottom of the stack because the fire doesn’t reach those items as quickly as those that are on top.

One way to prevent this from happening is by adding only a small amount of wood or coals to the fire at a time until the materials you’re using are heated before you add more to the fire.

Open Flames

Although it might sound as though it’s easier to put your food directly over or in the flame of your campfire, it can sometimes result in your food burning very quickly.

You see, open flames is whats preferred for campfires when cooking because you can rely on them easier than anything else. All you really need is sticks and dry leaves to keep it going!

Consider building your fire and then placing your food to the side of the open flame or to the side of the coals that you use. This will give you the heat that is needed to cook your food without it being burned.

You should also avoid keeping your food over the campfire for an extended time because it will usually continue cooking after it’s removed from the heat source.

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