White Cypress Lakes Campground

White Cypress Lakes Mississippi Campground

“No matter where you stand on something, what’s correct is always in the eyes of the beholder.”

That’s a comment I heard from someone a long time ago. When I was young I used to observe a lot. Yes, there were times at white cypress lake I would be involved in things, but observing and hovering were the two biggest factors. The biggest reason is probably because of where I’m from.

Because I was frankly a loner, I would just dream and fantasize a lot when I was alone. a whole lot!

The main thing I would dream about is when we would go camping at White Cypress Lake. We went there only 4 or 5 times in the Summers of 85 – 87, but to me it feels like I lived there.

It’s an old campground that went out of business way back in about 1993. I heard that there was a case called ‘White Cypress Lakes Dev. Corp. vs Hertz’ that had something to do with it.

Even know I went to White Cypress Lake just a handful of times, I made my life around the place. When we would go camping there, I felt relaxed and at ease.

There’s a couple of reasons, but a big reason is because we were always seeing someone new around us. I feel that’s a big positive in camping anywhere.

a camper picture of a family get together
a camper picture of a family get together
a camper picture of a family get together

I was also delighted to see my relatives.

When I would see my Aunt Jackie and cousin Nikki especially. As you see in the picture above, that’s Nikki, me and my brother on top.. Aunt Jackie, Cousin Melissa and Uncle Sylvane at the bottom.

I used to have a second picture taken that same day. It was still the three of us on the top but Uncle Sylvane and Aunt Jackie sitting below us along with Aunt Linda on the side, taken at white cypress lakes campground.

It’s just my opinion but when you’re at home around the same neighbors all the time, they know little things about you.

Things that can easily resemble embarrassment, guilt, shame or something you’re in complete denial of and want to forget.

When you have new neighbors ‘sort of speak’ it’s easier to let go of grudges and things from the past. It’s a whole lot easier to just act like it never even happened.

Even know it does that for you, you still remember it, like it was yesterday. From my experience doing this, I really think it backfires.

The reason is because you always know in your mind, the main reason you don’t want to let go of something. It’s kind of like being in so much denial, that the harder you try not to think of something, you are thinking about it.

Even with that said, you always have the sense of hope that you’ll one day let go and forget all about it.

As you can see in these old pictures taken at White Cypress, I had the time of my life. If you’re in denial or not, camping is a great experience for anyone and at any age.

A big reason is that you don’t feel forced to stay in one place for so long. You always have that feeling that if something goes wrong, you can always just leave and find a better campground to go to. You also have the sense that real soon, you’ll see new people that don’t even know it occurred unless you tell them.

swimming in a pool together

It’s just my opinion, but I always loved to swim. I laugh at it now after revisiting White Cypress for the first time back in 2009, but the pool there was very small.

Thinking of it from the eyes of a 29 year old compared to back when I was 5 – 7 years old makes a big difference. I couldn’t believe how small the pool was, I even asked an employee if they ever changed it and he said no.

family get together at white cypress lakes campground

Between 1987 and when I started driving in 2009, I always saw White Cypress lakes campground for the gorgeous place it was in the 1980’s. When I got back there for the first time and saw it was run down, I admit, it was really sad.

After I would leave the place, I’d still see it like it once was. As you can see from the comparison of the pictures, it’s night and day.

I couldn’t believe this next thing that happened but in 2019 when I went to the campground, I saw they were ripping pieces of the campsite up.

Even know it was always filled with weeds, like you see in the first half of it, it was kind of relaxing to see it clean. The only thing that wasn’t was all of the bricks where the bathroom used to be.

Like you notice in the old picture, it was a beautiful section and kept up once upon a time.

As you can see in the pictures above, they didn’t even take care of the wooden balcony by the lake. Yes, all wood gets rotten after a while, but that’s why we usually replace it after so long.

I remember walking on the balcony prior to it being torn down and literally hearing the wood cracking. I’m lucky I didn’t fall through. You can see what it looks like with and without the balcony.

white cypress lake old cop station
white cypress lakes pavillion
white cypress lake years afterwards

As for the pictures of the properties above, they belonged to my Uncle and Great Aunt Gloria. Because I reminisced so much at White Cypress Lake, I kind of had my Great Aunts house as my own home.

I acted like I lived at White Cypress lakes campground and my true home in St. Bernard didn’t even exist.

People always ask me two things. Why do think of White Cypress so much knowing we went there maybe five times? Why do you feel so close to your second and third Cousins?

Well I already answered the first one and the second one is because I put myself very close ‘probably’ to close to them. I even changed my family tree somewhat in my mind.

This is how much thought I put into White Cypress and my first, second and third cousins. I always think of my Aunt Gloria as my grandmothers sister ‘They were cousins’.

I also always thought of my Aunt Jackie as my mothers first cousin ‘They are truly second cousins’ and Nikki, Tina and Melissa as my second cousins ‘They are really third cousins’.

Even know this is how I fantasize things with them, it still hits me when I take a look at reality and know where things stand.

In my mind, I’ll always dream we’re still camping at White Cypress and nothings changed.

We’re still in the trailer park taking those pictures and getting ready to go swimming in a small pool that’s five feet deep in the middle. After we’re done swimming, we’ll go to the beach area and play horseshoes like in the good old days.

The arguments and conflicts that happened afterwards never even occurred. I just imagine the conflict was a nightmare I had and in reality, everything’s going to be fine.

We’ll meet again at the main office with a schedule in hand.

It’s just my opinion, but to me, White Cypress Lake and paul b johnson campground was a life saver!

As you can see, right below is a video I made of what white cypress lakes campground looks like now.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a video of what it used to look like, but you can see it was nice throughout the older pictures.

a time to review white cypress lakes years after

When I say out loud “its a nice place”, I still see it for what it used to be, not what it’s become!

I rarely leave the noise on in my videos but this one I decided to leave it so you can hear the wilderness surrounding the area.

Watch the short video of the campground below and tell me what you think of this place!

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